The Grandstream 3140 is one of the best IP video phones on the market and its relatively low price compared to competition makes it a good business value.
Silatel - Grandstream GXV3140 The one block design of the phone has a 4.3” TFT display, hosts USB and video composite ports as well as an SD slot for external memory. The Grandstream GXV3140 has also a 3.5mm headset jack to plug a headset or eventually extra speakers.

The  Grandstream GXV3140 firmware has a user-friendly interface and offers numerous applications such as an address book, a media player, a radio player, an internet video player, IM support, Twitter and Facebook clients and many more. On a business desk, anybody will find use of the calculator, the weather forecast and the calendar that can be synchronised with a Google or Microsoft Exchange calendar. If this is not enough, you can even display your own applications via the XML browser.

With the successful last Skype compliance test, the Grandstream GXV3140 is an always-on IP device that makes web 2.0 accessible without the need of a computer. We can only underline the lack of Bluetooth support that can be very useful in a desktop context. Also, after this strategic move with the integration of Skype, we can expect eventually an Android based interface that will open the door to a range of business applications.